I was browsing Reddit this morning and happened across a conversation about binary (…you know, the weird language of 0’s and 1’s? I’ve known *what* binary is for a long time but up until today I never understood how it worked, in the sense of how do you represent a number – say, 300 – […]

Try out the Degreed bookmarklet

Degreed is my go-to tool for aggregating all of my learning in one place. Whether it’s logging my UoPeople credits to running daily imports from my Goodreads, Khan Academy, or Udemy accounts or just using the Degreed bookmarklet to catalog videos and articles I’ve found online, Degreed can track it. If you haven’t seen it […]

Getting Caught Up

Here’s what I’ve been learning lately: University of the People just took the final exam for BUS 3006 – Business and Society just took the final exam for PSYC 1504 – Introduction to Psychology getting ready to register for the April 2015 term Udemy I’m on module 14 out of 235 in Rob Percival’s Complete […]