October is going to be a busy month…


October is going to be a busy month. My girlfriend and I are expecting a daughter any day now and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Her birthday is also coming up, we have plans almost every weekend, and my 11 year-old is struggling to acclimate to sixth grade. I’m in week four of a nine-week Entrepreneurship course through University of the People, I’m trying to get through the SQL and Ruby courses at Codecademy, and I’m still trying to sort out some long- and short-term goals at work.

Now we can add two teaching roles to the mix: I’ll be teaching an adult education course on Digital Literacy and a student enrichment course on Scratch Programming through the Southern York County School District’s community education program. Both classes are set to begin in the third full week of October. It’s exciting – there has already been some interest in both classes – but at the same time, I’m already swamped and now I’ve got to prepare curricula to make sure that my students will be successful.

Fortunately, I do not have to reinvent the wheel for either class. I’ll be using the Digital Literacy curriculum created by Broadband Rhode Island, which I’ve already had success with in an adult education setting. I also located a nice Scratch lesson guide created by WeCan{Code}IT that has a haunted house adventure theme. Students will work independently and in teams to create spooky games.

I’m always looking for some additional content, suggestions, and best practices so if you have taught courses on either subject feel free to put links in the comments!


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