You’d think in this interconnected hyperlinked internet driven…


You’d think in this interconnected, hyperlinked, internet-driven world we live in that it wouldn’t be so damn difficult to put a couple of human beings in a room together. But we’re all busy – busy furthering our careers, busy raising our families, busy being adults with many important things to do – and we never take the time to come together. At least, not for the right reasons anyway. A lot of our reasons for coming together – be they religion, politics, sports, etc. – are to support a tribe. Members of tribes get together all the time. I was a member of several tribes and got together with other members of the tribe every week. But now I’m not a member of any tribes and I’m looking for other people who aren’t members of any tribes who would like to get together…I guess that’s kind of a catch-22, isn’t it? Trying to get a bunch of individualists to come together for any reason can be next to impossible. It’s kind of against their nature. But as much as I’m an individualist – I don’t believe in joining tribes and going along with the crowd – I see the importance and outright necessity of joining together with people to make great things happen. What’s the solution?


It’s been a busy month where do I…


It’s been a busy month…where do I even start?

My second child was born on October 11 and my top priority since then has been the health of my family. Our baby was born with quite a bit of bruising on her head and doctors initially thought it would go away, but now that the bruising has faded she has been left with Port Wine Stains on her head, forehead, and eyelids – these birthmarks are not entirely rare, but their location *may* be indicative of a condition called Sturge-Weber syndrome. The birthmarks are the result of blood vessel malformation and the additional capillaries on her head and eyelids *may* lead to increased pressure and glaucoma, seizures, and neurological defects. As of now she is perfectly healthy but we have appointments with specialists coming up in order to determine what the prognosis will be down the road. And my girlfriend, whose recovery was coming along just fine, ended up experiencing supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and was hospitalized last Sunday…doctors were unable to pinpoint a cause, and no symptoms have reappeared.

I’m wrapping up my Entrepreneurship class through University of the People and am looking forward to doing well in the final weeks and through the final exam. I’ll give an update on my next course(s) later.

I’ve taken on a new web design client, and it’s a great learning experience – I’m using CNET’s ChannelOnline service to prepare an online storefront and shopping experience, and then Webflow to design a store landing page and new home page.