You’d think in this interconnected hyperlinked internet driven…


You’d think in this interconnected, hyperlinked, internet-driven world we live in that it wouldn’t be so damn difficult to put a couple of human beings in a room together. But we’re all busy – busy furthering our careers, busy raising our families, busy being adults with many important things to do – and we never take the time to come together. At least, not for the right reasons anyway. A lot of our reasons for coming together – be they religion, politics, sports, etc. – are to support a tribe. Members of tribes get together all the time. I was a member of several tribes and got together with other members of the tribe every week. But now I’m not a member of any tribes and I’m looking for other people who aren’t members of any tribes who would like to get together…I guess that’s kind of a catch-22, isn’t it? Trying to get a bunch of individualists to come together for any reason can be next to impossible. It’s kind of against their nature. But as much as I’m an individualist – I don’t believe in joining tribes and going along with the crowd – I see the importance and outright necessity of joining together with people to make great things happen. What’s the solution?


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