Doug Belshaw’s Things We Learned This Week newsletter…


Doug Belshaw’s Things We Learned This Week newsletter is a great resource for inspiration, news & views, and random facts of interest. In his most recent newsletter he mentioned the idea of “ikigai” – this is the intersection of:

1. What you love
2. What you’re good at
3. What you can be paid for
4. What the world needs

In other words, it’s your reason for getting up in the morning. The search for one’s ikigai is the journey to a greater degree of satisfaction and meaning in life.

It’s one of those things that I’ve been painstakingly searching for, but never knew what to call it. Sometimes a big step in the journey is just figuring out what to call the thing that you’re searching for.


My search has in many ways been documented on this site, and through my social media posts – there is something cathartic about making that journey as transparent and open as possible. You’ll often find other wanderers on their own journeys and there is a great deal of common ground to be shared.

A goal of mine for this week is to answer the four questions for myself – what do I love? What am I good at? What can I be paid for? What does the world need? I’ve tried to answer those questions before, but maybe it’s time to try again. See what kind of connections I can find. The trouble for me, as a Generalist and a Multipotentialite is having so many passions, and so many things I consider myself good at (pardon the humblebrag), and an ever-changing worldview such that my beliefs and stances on local and global issues are always changing. So as soon as I’ve chosen one path to run down, I’m growing tired of it and starting to look for another path. Sometimes I feel very much blown about like a leaf in the wind. As a child and a young adult, and even into my mid-20’s I had a set of values and principles that I had learned during my religious studies that was my foundation, but in recent years I’ve shied away from organized religion and my foundation has shifted quite a bit. Perhaps finding my ikigai will entail the discovery of a new foundation.


Wikipedia – Ikigai
How to Live to be 100


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