I like to read Seth Godin’s blog and…


I like to read Seth Godin’s blog and today his message seemed…off.

It’s all a mistake

…until it works.

That’s what innovation is. Mistakes, experiments, mis-steps.

Until it works.

The process isn’t to avoid the things that don’t work. Because that means avoiding the things that might not work…

Instead, our job is to eagerly embrace the mistakes on the road to the impact that we seek.

The project manager in me got all rankled up at this statement. As a project manager, I’ve got a pretty damn good idea about what’s *not* going to work and I’m going to steer the ship away from those icebergs.

But the more I thought about Seth’s statement, the more sense it made. He’s not advocating for a “shoot-from-the-hip”, chaotic way of getting work done. He’s saying that even the best plans are going to require some slack and some room for adjustment. You’re going to need that time for observation and reflection when you’ve finished one scrum (to use a phrase from agile methodology) before you start the next. You’re going to find mistakes and you’re going to test hypothesis, but in the end you’re still working in an organized fashion to propel your team toward a goal. A vision for the future.

Balance in all things.


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