When to Let Go


As I was researching teams and, specifically, how to fix a dysfunctional team I ran across this advice for team members who aren’t in a leadership role. Honestly, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this advice but it finally sank in for me.


And after a conversation I had with our team leader today, it seems all the more relevant. Hanging on for too long isn’t just wasteful, it can be damaging. I feel this. I can only be promised results so many times…I can only meet with the next team leader so many times…I can only turn down other offers so many times before I’ve done irreparable harm to myself professional and possibly even personally. So now the question is how do I go about transitioning out of this team and into another in the best way possible for all parties. That’s a question that will be on my mind this weekend, for sure.


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