Learning, Recovering, Growing


Well, I didn’t get the job that I had applied for. I was told that it was a tough decision that came down to a “best fit” situation – which of the candidates would best complement the existing players and personalities on the staff? Although it is disappointing, I am okay with the decision. I made an effort to be authentic and portray myself as I really am, not as I thought I should appear, and if the decision to go with another candidate was a result of that then I am absolutely okay with it. I would never want to present myself as something or someone I am not, only to have an employer find out after the fact.

So now we can scratch that whole exit interview post and move in a different direction. Although I plan on keeping my nose to the ground to sniff out any new opportunities, I also need to make sure that I do not become stagnant in my current position. And to do that I need to learn, recover, and grow.

Experiencing disappointment is, as this Fast Company article states, discovering “the gap between what we planned or hoped for and what we actually got”. When you experience disappointment you need to reconcile that gap and then learn from what happened. What, if anything, should you do differently? Is there a need to adjust attitudes and/or behaviors? Are you bordering on insanity if you try to do the same thing over again and expect a different result?

Looking at disappointment as a learning opportunity puts you in a frame of mind where you can recover from that disappointment. Instead of holding on to whatever hurt feelings you might have, see it as an opportunity to improve yourself in the long run. Sometimes short-term pain is the key to unlocking long-term success. Begin putting together a new plan for success and start taking the baby steps toward your goals.

Growth isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

So that is what I intend to do – for as long as I’m still in my current position, I need to recover and make sure that I’m not dwelling on negativity and bitterness. It might take some time but I can still be productive and – who knows, over time, perhaps there are still opportunities here that I can harness. One thing I have learned from my recent disappointment is that it feels good to be authentic and I think that the best possible outcomes are reached through authenticity instead of just slapping on a smiling face and telling people what they want to hear. I feel as though I am in a position to lead by example and show people that we can have healthy conflicts that will spur on productivity. I get to reinvent my position in a few ways in the process.

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