New Hobby


When it comes to spending money, I’m usually a frugal guy. And I’m especially wary of spending money on new hobbies because I know just how quickly I jump from passion to passion.

That said, I dropped some money on a new hobby today.


Say hello to the PreSonus Audiobox iTwo recording kit!

A while back I found out that there’s a demand for people to become audiobook narrators. I signed up for Amazon’s ACX program but never auditioned for any audiobooks because I didn’t have any audio equipment…it’s a serious business…you really do need a high quality mic, recording and mastering software, a “dead” room where no noises can interfere with your work, etc. Audiobook narration seems to play to my strengths – technical abilities, a professional speaking voice, and an aptitude for creativity and imagination in the way that I speak for characters in the pages of a book. It sounds like a lot of fun! So I took the leap and purchased the kit pictured above. I will now have a high-quality microphone, software for my iPad and laptop, good headphones, and some decent cables. That box seems to be called a preamp and I have no idea what it does, something about taking audio inputs and converting them into digital so they can run into my computer or iPad? I also picked up a mic stand and a pop filter to eliminate some additional popping sounds that are common when speaking.

I’m hoping that I can set these new toys up in a closet in my house that (I think) will be more impervious to outside noise. Everything should arrive on Monday and I’m excited to get it all set up and do some testing. What if this works out and my voice is the one people hear when listening to some top-selling books?!?!


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