This is a big week at work I…


This is a big week at work. I may be getting very close to resolving some longstanding issues that have prevented me from being the innovative, productive, eager employee that I want to be – or this might be my last hurrah. I’ll know by Thursday! How did I get to this point? Of all things, I just had to follow the formal process that was outlined in the organization’s complaint policy. Sounds simple, but it took quite a bit of courage for me to go that route. It is exciting to get results but I am still not sure what the end result will be. I have a couple of face-to-face situations coming up and I need to be able to communicate what may be a very unpopular opinion to people who are higher up the ladder than me, so I need to overcome the stress and anxiety and focus on how I feel, what I’m going through, and how I think these problems can be solved.


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