How to blur the background on a photo


So I’ve been dabbling with photography since purchasing a Canon Rebel T5i, and I had the opportunity to take photos at my daughter’s first birthday party over the weekend.

There were plenty of bad shots, believe me. Anything with motion in it…not so good.

But with limited knowledge, I was still able to capture this sweet picture of some cupcakes.


That blurred background is a highly desirable quality. So how did I do it?

Easy, really. I got right up on the cupcakes and focused the camera on the closest cupcake and POW! decoration. By moving up close on the cupcake, the background – including the next closest cupcake – blurred very nicely. It’s a great way to draw attention to something in the foreground of the image. And it doesn’t require an expensive lens to accomplish this style…I just used the standard lens that came with my equipment.

Nice, right?


4 thoughts on “How to blur the background on a photo

      • Haha the lens it came with! I literally purchased it refurbished from Canon last week, so I’m still getting used to it. I love it so far though! I’ll check on the lens and let you know.

        Have you gotten any additional accessories? I’m contemplating getting an external flash for better food photography.


      • Doug

        I bought the camera as a bundle on Amazon – it came with a bag, telephoto lens, macro lens, wide-angle lens, SD cards, cleaning kit, etc. I’ve messed around with the other lenses a bit and while I’m not an expert with any of it I can see where it can be handy. I’ve got my eye on a lighting kit and a 70-300mm lens as well but for now the 18-35mm lens is just fine.


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