First Foray into Video Production


Last August and September I had the opportunity to carry out a video production project for Beautiful Smiles Family Dental Center in Etters, PA. Here’s what I learned from the experience: anyone can do this. Anyone.

To get started, I visited their office with an iPhone and a GoPro Hero 3. I shot video in all of their waiting areas, cleaning rooms, sedation room, and office spaces. Then I used my PreSonus AudioBox iTwo, high-quality mic, and iPad to record their practice administrator’s narration of said video. Then I popped everything into Filmora Wondershare for editing.

My first version was absolute garbage. Recording all of the video by hand was a terrible idea – shots were shaky and inconsistent.

So I went out and purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T5i and a tripod, and I re-shot all of the video. I used furniture moving feet to allow the tripod to slide across carpeted areas smoothly.

Back to the studio, where I popped everything back into Wondershare for editing.

After several rounds of revisions, here is the finished product!

What a difference! Certainly not perfect, but leaps and bounds ahead of what I had previously put together.

I stand by my previous statement – anyone could do this. If I had used an iPhone tripod and some of those little mounts for the GoPro, I could have shot decent video on the first go-around. Sensing that this might become something I do more frequently, I invested in a better camera…but it wasn’t a necessity. And recording /editing the audio was a breeze with the PreSonus equipment which cost a few hundred dollars. Wondershare…I may have used with a spoofed product key. If another video production job comes along, I’ll gladly spend the money to buy a license as it was incredibly easy to use.

So there you go…video production for beginners.