Moving into Online Learning


Look, I get it – not everyone has the time or inclination to manage their own websites. Business owners, nonprofit leaders, government employees…they’re busy adults with many important things to do.

But every now and then I run into someone who has a desire to really get their hands into things, and it frustrates me when they’re pushed out by greedy web developers and designers who justify their exorbitant rates with the excuse that nobody can do what they do.

Baloney. This is 2017. Anyone can manage a website.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a little support, and that’s where I can step in. I’ve saved businesses thousands of dollars by setting up user-friendly websites that they can manage on their own, and if they ever need me, I can step back into the picture.

Up until now, I’ve only been able to provide support in person or remotely using WebEx,, or another remote troubleshooting tool. Today, I’m throwing out a new method – online tutorials.

Using my professional audio equipment and screen recording software, I can prepare carefully-crafted and easy-to-follow video content to help individuals and organizations manage their own web presences.

Here’s just a sample of the kinds of courses I can prepare for you. Interested in hearing more? Contact me today.