Quick Thought on Politics & Economics


Believe me, I’m no economist. I have enough trouble with accounting classes.

I’m reading the New York Times article entitled “Arthur Laffer’s Theory on Tax Cuts Comes to Life Once More” and the focus is on the Laffer Curve. Laffer states that it is possible to increase tax revenue by cutting taxes. In theory this sounds great – as the article states, “…an ambitious tax cut would unleash businesses that now feel constrained by one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Corporations would be freed to build plants and create jobs in the United States instead of in foreign countries, and would bring home money that currently is sheltered overseas.”

But this is where we run into one of the main issues with Republican policies – the idea that if you give people more freedom, they’ll do what they should do. If you remove some of the tax burden on businesses, they should build plants, create domestic jobs, and shelter less of their profits overseas. Operative word: should.

Since when, however, did people do what they should? I’m not saying that every business leader is corrupt or greedy. But even if some of them are, doesn’t that mean that the Laffer Curve may not produce the revenue that it should?

There’s a big difference between will and should, and I find that a lot of Republican policies discuss the possible effects of legislation in terms that cause the public to believe the outcome is certain, and that’s a problem for all of us.


What I’m Learning Lately


This is going to be a list more than anything…

  • Accounting – my UoPeople course this term is Financial Accounting 2. Honestly, I’m really struggling to keep up with my “formal” education given my current workload. I got an 88% on my first exam last night – not bad, but not great either. I’d really like to get an A in this course.
  • MailChimp – kinda of unintentionally, which is how most of my learning happens. A client requested that I prepare an HTML email template for her and rather than start from scratch I decided to use MailChimp’s visual editor to get me to a point where I could start to write custom code. I would up figuring out all of MailChimp’s little shortcodes in the HTML and in-line CSS that open up editing options in their visual editor, which was fun. I also found myself copying and pasting code between MailChimp’s editor and Mozilla Thimble to play around with options before finalizing the template and sending it back to my client.
  • JavaScript – I’m making some educational videos for Udemy that cover the basics of web development, and in the process I’ve brushed up on my JavaScript. Which is nice. (By the way, if you’d like to take my course, you can sign up for it here.)
  • Google Adwords – I’ve got a meeting next week with a client who needs help with pay-per-click advertising, and Adwords is the best place to start. However, I’ve never used Adwords. So I’m taking some time every day to study up and get the basics down before I go off formulating a complex strategy…I want to make sure that whatever strategy is selected will actually work! So far I’ve covered keywords (including negative keywords), dynamic display ads, Adwords extensions, and I’ve even created my first campaign for WaltersWorks with a very limited budget.

I know there’s more but I’m out of time for today! What have you been learning lately?