Building and POSTing a JSON Payload with JavaScript

I’ve been automating some QuickBooks data entry for a client, and in doing so I needed to figure out how to build and POST a JSON payload with vanilla JavaScript. Seems like the kind of thing other people might be interested in – I’m not going to share my full code base because I’m still […]

Turning Trello into a Fully Functional Ticket System

If you haven’t heard of Trello by now…have you been living under a rock? Seriously, though – Trello is a powerful and user-friendly board-style app. People use it for all sorts of things, but for me it has always been a handy organization system for my work. Trello boards consist of lists and cards; cards […]

Sending Values from an HTML Form to a JavaScript File

I was doing some UX/UI tweaking on a Google Sheet today and did some experimentation with custom menus vs. custom sidebars. Menus are nice when you just need to execute script files. But when you need to pass values into a script, your options are: A) making the user enter data into cells, or B) […]

Switching Between Companies with the QuickBooks API

I’ve got a client whose accounting team manages several companies in QuickBooks. We’ve automated some processes for them using the ultra-useful QuickBooks Accounting API and the powerful flexibility of Google Sheets, but up until now I’ve been setting up API connections on a per-company basis, which is kind of a pain to manage and would […]

100 Days

I’ve been running WaltersWorks in various forms since 2012, but I’ve only been full-time for the last 100 days. What have I learned in that time? A bunch, that’s what. I’ll try to break it down in this blog post. Be patient. When you’re working a 9-5 job and your business is just a side […]